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It’s long been a dream of ours here at ITV Studios Global Entertainment to be able to provide a safe, secure and cost effective production hub for one of our best known and much loved formats I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

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We regard I’m A Celebrity... with huge affection. Many format creators still work on the show and have done so since season one; it is very much part of the ITV fabric. Whilst everybody involved in the format has their own unique relationship with it, all of our producers, writers and IAC folk are agreed on two key points:

  1. It is their favourite format bar none - there is so much control and producer input that it really is a joy to make.
  2. It is a BEAST! No other show in the world uses as many production people, eats as many meals, has as many cables, medical staff, cameras, toilets, runners, walkies or producers.
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The benefits are huge here in South Africa

As the UK and German shows’ success has grown, the site in Australia has grown too, making it hard for any other territories to consider filming there.

We have therefore built an international hub to give the whole world the chance to make their own version of this amazing format.

With thanks to the warmth and excellence of our production partner Rapid Blue, we speak with absolute confidence when we say we are providing the best staff available for the IAC hub. Rapid Blue are veterans and experts at making this exact format at this very location and with each shoot day, each game and each client, they just get better and better.


The African Jungle:

Editorially everybody knows the wealth of wild and dangerous animals in South Africa.



A European Timezone gives us a unique editorial turnaround.


Cost Efficiency:

Currency exchange means you get a LOT more for your money.



Our experts in reality television and location filming ensure that your version of the show is in the safest hands.

Key Format Information

Left in a remote location and with a few creature comforts, our celebrities are forced to share a basic camp in harsh conditions, with cameras watching them 24 hours a day.


This award-winning format continues to entertain audiences worldwide. With hit versions in Australia, Hungary and Romania to name a few, the global demand has created the need for a hub in South Africa offering a cost efficient, high quality production to suit all territory needs. I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! follows a group of celebrities who have been dropped into the heart of a remote jungle. daily rations must be won in Bushtucker Trials eating disgusting insects or undergoing challenges with terrifying critters. Viewers at home vote for who should face the challenges and eventually, their favourite campmate. Each episode, the celebrity with the fewest votes leaves, until the last remaining star is crowned King or Queen of the jungle. Outrageous celebrities battle through the excruciating challenges and emotional turmoil of living together under extreme circumstances in the most gripping, hilarious and shocking reality show on TV.

Companion shows included when you license the
I'm A Celebrity… format:

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Now!
This companion show is broadcasted usually on your secondary channel and features behind-the-scenes footage of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and shows the emotional responses of the contestants after they have been voted off.

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Coming Home
This companion show is broadcasted on the main channel. It is what happens after the stars head back to civilization; emotional family reunions and a world of relaxation and indulgence waiting for them on the other side.

Clip Shows for your secondary channels like Jungle Kings and Queens, Best Trials and Juicy Bits etc…

I'm A Celebrity…Let Me In Again!
For our returning partners a new spin-off show to accompany your series of I'm A Celebrity… Across a number of live shows, previous stars of I'm A Celebrity… will compete against each other to win audience votes and have one last chance to join the newest group of celebrities in the jungle.

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